Dell Inspiron 1545

Sunday, July 19, 2009

About Dell Inspiron 1545 AKA Inspiron 15

Lets have a pros and cons of the dell laptop


This is cheap entry level laptop which is suitable for most of my need . Not intended for gaming or hardcore procession. Built keeping recession into mind

Good harddisk Performance. Robust built, wide screen. Cheaper price. Configurable at Dell . You can override Cons by selecting better parts particulary audi and graphics card will help


Lack of touch buttons, NO HDMI port, Speaker sound is not great . Lack of 1 USB port . Only 1 headphone out. Lack of choice in colors. Lack of LED for showing performance., No Security mechanism except bios password.


Memory :2GB 

Processor: Core 2 Duo

Graphics : Inter 4500 MHD shared memory upto 1GB can play basic games and game like Age of empires 3. Not for serious performance

Screen 17 inch wide display

Sound integratedIntel High Definition Audio 2.0 works well in Vista only bit low volume ok

Batery Life 2Hrs Max a negative point here

Hard Disk 250 GB SATA performance is good

Ports Details

USB X3, Audio Microphone, A universal card reader, wireless and bluetooth, build in 1.3 M camera (ok here but I expect 2 MP). DVD +-RW

OS Vista Home

Vista Rating 3.8 with deep for graphics performance

Verdict 7.5/10 : A basic laptop which is available at cheap cost, Not for gaming or best graphics experience can play HD movies without problem.Definatly not better than 1525

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